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On the Prowl for Unique Animation?

We understand that there are several factors that go into determining a creative approach for a national campaign or promotion. Happy Trails Animation is a collaborative and flexible studio prepared to do whatever it takes to help you achieve the look and feel you’re striving to create.

At Happy Trails, our greatest asset is our passion for our work, and that passion means that, regardless of the look you’re trying to achieve, we won’t rest until we get it for you. We have a whole corral of creative heavy hitters working with us, with an impressive range of animation and advertising experience.

Animation for Advertising & Marketing

We are an award-winning studio based in Portland, Oregon that creates coast-to-coast and international animation. The studio creates versatile, artist-driven promotional materials for companies, organizations and creatives. The studio and its producer, Andy Collen, provide responsive and friendly customer service, collaborating with clients from around the world.

  • 2D / 3D Animation
  • Character Design & Illustration
  • Storyboards / Animatics
  • Digital Painting & Backgrounds
  • Custom Motion Graphics