Based in Portland, Oregon, Happy Trails is an award-winning, custom 2D animation studio creating artist-driven commercials, motion comics and short films. We work collaboratively with our clients, producing storyboards, character design, dynamic animatics, custom animation, motion comics and sound design as needed. We provide unparalleled customer service while expanding the limits of 2D, 3D and VFX.

Happy Trails understands the value of being a full-service studio which is why we make more than just cartoons – we’ll produce your spot from rough sketches to the last detail. Animation is perfect for presenting any subject matter (such as diagrams, or visuals that may be too difficult to express via live action). Every project is customized for each client, so you can count on us to ride shotgun the whole way!

So let’s throw those irons in the fire together and wrangle your brand, message and imagery, Come experience our commitment to high quality service and original, award-winning work. Happy Trails has the pioneering spirit you need!

For estimates, more style samples and marketing inspiration, contact Producer Andy Collen at 503-896-2812.