"As a member of the “older and not so cool generation” anymore (sadly), we enlisted the “coolest” and most tech savvy group we could find and that was Happy Trails Animation. The work they have done for us is easily understood and considered fun by our diverse customer groups —anywhere from a professor of Medicine to the 14 yr. old whose mom just bought him a splint for his first aid kit — just in case her baby boy hurts himself. Job well done and will be working with them on many projects in the future."
"The story boards we need are not always for animation projects, but they are always a rush. For instance, this last timeline was intense — we needed fully colored, realistic story boards for a live-action pitch. We knew we could trust Happy Trails to come through for us, no matter what. They nailed the deadline, did exceptional work and gave me a fair price, even though the thing took place over a weekend. These guys are great to work with. "
Matt Kagan

View “Seeds of Opportunity”

"Dear Happy Trails: Oh, I wish you could have been there yesterday. Seeds of Opportunity was a HUGE SUCCESS! You nailed my goal: break their hearts and inspire them to give with a powerful fable that is simply told. Happy Trails Animation storytelling and Christine Yvette ethereal voice delivered the one-two punch that inspired people to write checks through their tears. Thank you for all of your talent, professional expertise and heart that you put into this short film. You truly moved our audience. Please let your niece (who played/posed for the little girl) know as well! All the best! "


"Andy and the team at Happy Trails were a delight to work with. My client and I were new to animation, and changed directions a few times as we honed in on a concept that would simply and quickly explain the product concept, which is fairly complex. Andy was very patient, helped walk us through the process and made the concept that we eventually arrived at shine. I have worked with web designers and videographers who had prima donna problems — this can, of course, make hitting deadlines (not to mention budgets!) a painful ordeal. The folks at Happy Trails had a “Let’s get ‘er done” attitude that made for a great animation product…while making me look good, too. "
Chris Santella
Principal Steelhead Communications
WinCo Foods DaviesMoore 2D Animation Still

WinCo Foods: Let’s Go Shopping! 2D Animation Ad Campaign by DaviesMoore

"In the fall of 2011 our agency, DaviesMoore, pitched an idea to WinCo Foods for a set of animated commercials. The basic idea was to feature scenes from within the store as simple line animation on a brown kraft paper background that is revealed to be a WinCo Foods paper grocery bag. The client loved the idea and we set out to find the right partner to bring the concept to life and we found just that in Happy Trails Animation. Happy Trails was great to work with from the beginning. Andy Collen and his team took our ideas and ran with them – offering several suggestions and refinements in the process that improved the spots. We appreciated their working process which allowed us to weigh in on key decisions and to watch them turn animatics based on our rough storyboards into a rich, fully animated commercials. With a clearly communicated schedule and checkpoints along the way, the project went very smoothly and Happy Trails was great about making revisions as we finalized the spots. Happy Trails provided us with great customer service, a quick turnaround and, of course, some really cool animated commercials. We look forward to working with them in the future. "

Jason Sievers

"It was time to dust off our electrical safety animated television spot for children and update for today’s audience. He listened to our concerns and wishes and produced a spot that was exactly what we wanted. Hats off to the Happy Trails team! Great job! "
Cleco Corporation
On behalf of the 482nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, I would like to express our sincerest gratitude and deep appreciation for the earnest efforts put forth by the members of your team of outstanding artists and animators on our behalf on the 9th day of May, 2013…