FCCF: “Seeds of Opportunity”

Fairfield County's Community Foundation

After watching our short film “Winter/En Hiver,” Fairfield County’s Community Foundation chose Happy Trails Animation to create a traditionally animated short film for their fundraising event in Connecticut.

The Fairfield County's Community Foundation has many functions, and the purpose of this 2D short film was to inspire foundation members to donate money for the Fund for Women and Girls. The fund’s mission is to help girls and/or young mothers who need a helping hand to get their lives back in order. One could say they just needed a “seed of opportunity,” which is how the concept for the short film found its beginning.

Within 4 weeks Happy Trails produced this 4 minute, fully hand-drawn short film titled “Seeds of Opportunity.” The finished animation was a great success in engaging the audience at their fundraising event, expressing the foundation’s mission. This award-winning short film was shown at several short film festivals.

  • CLIENT: Fairfield County's Community Foundation
  • PROJECT: "Seeds of Opportunity"
  • AGENCY: Fairfield County's Community Foundation
  • AREA: Produced in Portland, Oregon for our client in Norwalk, Connecticut
  • SOUND: Happy Trails Animation
  • SCORE:  Greg Ives
  • SINGER: Christine Yvette
  • AWARDS: Telly Award, Silver Star (Moondance Film Festival)

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