Reaching New Heights via the Art of Animation

Greetings from Happy Trails — it’s been a while!

We’re done shaking our heads at 2020. With our infamous mix of “innovation meets the art of animation,” we’re ready for our next creative move. We’re vaccinated, inspired and putting our talent to work for Earth Day and beyond.

As always, we continue to align story and style—developing streaming content from a nimble, indie approach. We have had the opportunity to work with such clients as Disney, Starz Entertainment, BBC Worldwide, and so many more. So many projects, so many stories.

Now we want to help change the story of our planet. We’re getting involved with helping organizations inspire philanthropists. We’re using new tools of modern technology to bring in a new way of fundraising.

Here on Earth Day we announce our direction in helping as many causes as we can, from global climate change and planting trees, to helping those with PTSD.

Our world is changing because of technology. As we evolve and adapt these new tools, it is our hope that, through animation we can harness the power of audience and fan engagement.

Please stay ‘tooned’ for further details.

Happy Trails Animation