Cinemark: “Late for Showtime”

Cinemark Theaters

Happy Trails Animation completed a theatrical policy trailer for Cinemark Theater. Featuring Cinemark's established Front Row Joe character, the 75-second short was produced along with Smithgroup Communications. "Late for Showtime" was distributed to theaters in South and Central America as well as the Southwestern United States.

Happy Trails executive producer Mark Axton said "This job was a real thrill for us because we were asked to develop the concept and write the script. It was a hoot coming up with gags that would really make this trailer an homage to early animation superstars like Chuck Jones and Tex Avery. We don't get nearly enough opportunities to make things stretch and go boing and have eyes bulging out, so this was refreshing and fun."

  • CLIENT: Smithgroup Communications
  • PROJECT: "Front Row Joe"
  • AREA: Produced in Portland, Oregon for our client throughout South America
  • SOUND: Cal Scott
  • AWARDS: Telly Award

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