Manzama: “How Manzama Works”


Corporate animation videos (informationals) have become more and more popular as businesses are taking on the production in-house. Over the years we have found this to be a growth need for B2B marketing. Manzama is a perfect example of how animation can help clarify and focus on a message, while at the same time helping to brand their image graphically.

This video was created to help build audience awareness of Manzama’s new content intelligence platform. Happy Trails created a simple whiteboard animation featuring the message of “How Manzama Works.” Happy Trails produced custom illustrations, assisted with creative and animated in a style that mimics whiteboard animation, per the client’s request.

  • CLIENT: Manzama
  • PROJECT: "How Manzama Works"
  • AREA: Produced in Portland, Oregon for our client in Portland, Oregon
  • SOUND: Happy Trails Animation
  • VOICE: Carri Bugbee of Big Deal PR
  • AWARDS: Telly Award

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