Young Liars

Young Liars

Double Barrel Motion Labs introduced a higher quality of Motion Comics into the limelight by teaming up with Happy Trails Animation, raising the bar of a genre that is sweeping the comic and cartoon world.

Young Liars was created as brand awareness for the release of indie comics by Eisner, featuring award-winning writer David Lapham. The Young Liars Motion Comic was the first promotional to take full advantage of how impactful, dynamic and sophisticated Motion Comics can truly be. Whether produced as complimentary marketing material or as independent content, Motion Comics are here to stay.

Quality Motion Comic animation demands high skills in the “art of animation.” Flat, static artwork is brought into the dynamic, unexpected world of animation while preserving the integrity of the original illustrations.

  • PROJECT: "Let's Kill Hitler" from Dr. Who, Season 8
  • PRODUCER: Double Barrel Motion Labs
  • ANIMATION/VFX: Happy Trails Animation
  • SOUND EFFECTS: Happy Trails Animation
  • MUSIC & AUDIO: Provided by BBC


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