Motion Posters At Last!


Digital animated movie poster (Moster) by Happy Trails Animation
Digital Igniter Animated Movie Poster  by Happy Trails Animation

How do you get a movie poster to stop acting like innocent bystanders, skimmed over by thumbs and eyeballs? Isn’t it time your posters went into the ring with some gusto?! Get Happy Trails to put some life in ’em to create motion posters!

If someone clicks on a Motion Poster, look out!  They tease and intrigue, seduce and mesmerize — fans can’t take their eyes off ’em! They want more . . they want to see what lurks within. Happy Trails ignites your movie poster with 10 to 15 seconds of visual effects and ‘let ‘er buck’ animation. Fans are hungry to show and share your movie posters if they’re Ignited by Happy Trails.

“After watching fans slog past static movie posters or pause in front of them to pick their teeth — we felt it was time to blast ’em with Digital Igniters! Create a product that would enchant audiences and give them something to start collecting. Like baseball cards from the past, and now we are creating these fantastic motion posters for film fans of the future.” – Andy Collen, Producer at Happy Trails Animation

Motion Posters with Epic Marketing Appeal
• Upload to websites
• Post to Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, etc.
• Give to fans who download your promos
• Use in press releases and digital invitations
• Re-ignite cult classic posters

Contact Producer Andy Collen for more Digital Igniter motion movie poster examples and animation rates. Call 503.590.7377 or write to:

TRANSMEDIA! Where – When – Why?

The entertainment industry has long developed licensed products, reproducing the same stories across multiple channels. More and more broadcast content is also available on line and many films are adopted from books (or comic books). None of these necessarily constitute transmedia storytelling. In transmedia, elements of a story are dispersed systematically across multiple media platforms, each making their own unique contribution to the whole.

Each medium does what it does best – comics might provide back-story, games might allow you to explore the world, and the television or animation series offers unfolding episodes. So each form is sketched out as a context.

Transmedia is closely linked to the industry’s new focus on “audience engagement” and sometimes uses viral media strategies. But, the best transmedia is driven by creative impulse. It allows the best storytellers to create a bigger canvas and build more of their vision with dedicated fans, both of which can be grown over time and maybe indefinitely.

The rise of alternate-reality games coupled with mass media properties is part of what’s generating some fairly big buzz. Transmedia properties combine cultural attractors (they draw together an audience around something they want to feel and/or know) and cultural activators (gives that audience something to do). Games are a good way to give audiences something to do but they’re not the only thing/model out there.

It is now almost expected for there to be transmedia content around big films and big cult TV series, but there has been success using transmedia to build audience awareness around low budget and independent media productions – like “The Blair Witch Project,” “District 9,” or “Paranormal Activity.” It’s about developing the appropriate mix of media for the genre, the audience, and the budget of a particular production.

Many stories are told perfectly well within a single medium, and everything works fine to do the job, to keep the audience satisfied, ready for something else. In my opinion, transmedia works as a strategy for telling stories where there is a diverse set of characters, where the worlds and environments are richly realized, and where there is a strong back-story or frontal trajectory, or some kind of mythology that can extend beyond the specific episodes in the film or television series.

The Beginning of Transmedia

The first-gen TV series to push transmedia (Lost, Heroes, Ghost Whisperer, 24) have ended, and some have attempted to replace them – Flash Forward and The Event – failed, because the stories were too complex, heavy, IMO. But many of the big hits — including Glee, True Blood, and The Walking Dead – have some new transmedia strategies to attract and sustain “audience engagement”. Worth checking out.

These innovative new approaches using transmedia as a marketing strategy is perfect for many industries, and is also a media environment that rewards being everywhere audiences might be and giving fans a chance to drill deeper into the stories they come to like or love.


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